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Claudia Francesca D’Ammass

Guitar Saison 2022/2023

In the season the guitarist will be performing the pieces accompanied by the guitar made by the luthier Claudia Francesca D`Amassa.
A guitar with a sweet sound and at the same time very powerful capable of filling a concert hall. The dynamics and musical interpretation are easy on a guitar like this, a guitar that gives me pleasure and pride in being able to use in that season.

The Guitar

The proposed classical guitar model is a personal project.

Research is focused on obtaining a responsive, powerfull and balanced guitar without giving up to the typical colors of traditional guitar.

The result is an instrument that meets the requirements of the big concert halls while at the same time keeps a warm and rich timber typical of historical traditional guitars.

Generally, the most used woods in my guitars are italian Val di Fiemme spruce or canadian cedar for soundboards, indian rosewood for back and sides, ebony for fingerboard, mahogany or spanish cedar for neck, indian rosewood for bridge.


  • Diapason: 650mm

  • Fretboard width (nut/ XII fret): 50mm/ 60mm

  • I/ VI string distance (nut/ bridge): 41mm/ 56mm

  • Action XII fret (I/ VI string): 3mm/4mm

  • Holes number on bridge: 12

  • Shellac: french polish 


Claudia Francesca D'Ammassa was born in Rome in 1990.

She moved the first steps in guitar making at an early age, while studying classical guitar at Santa Cecilia conservatory under the direction of Domenico Ascione. After graduation, she fully devoted herself to lutherie.

She discovered her vocation attending a two-year course at the association Artigianato e Arte in Rome. Then she has apprenticed with Gianluca Ceccarini for over a year, learning craft fundamentals.

Later on, she has improved her knowledge and expertise in classical guitar making by refining the study of theory and construction technique under the guidance of Mario Garrone and Dr. Giuseppe Cuzzucoli.

A passion-strengthened aptitude together with the quality of her guitars allowed her to stand out within the musical branch of Italian handcraft. Her instruments are the result of a pleasant balance between tradition and innovation; their sound aesthetic abides by the feeling of historical guitars, while a scientific approach is adopted to optimize the acoustic performance through modern technologies.

Her guitars are played in many countries around the world, such as Austria, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, United States and Arab Emirates.

Currently Claudia lives and works in Rome, a few steps from the ancient Ostia ruins.

Workshop is located in Ostia Lido- ROME



Phone number

(+39) 348 33 59 667



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